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The GlobColour data set provides a large set of Ocean Colour products:
  • Parameters: Chlorophyll concentration, Secchi Disk Depth, and many more…
  • Time coverage: from 1997 to present (Near Real Time at day + 15)
  • Time resolution: daily, weekly and monthly products
  • Spatial Coverage and resolution: Global at 4, 25 and 100 km, Europe at 1 km, and user-defined extraction zones
  • Sensors: single sensor and merged products from SeaWIFS, MERIS, MODIS, VIIRS and OLCI-A (OLCI is not merged with other sensors for the moment)

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Sensor types

Sensor Product type Start Date End Date Reprocessing name
and date of availability
SeaWIFS GAC 4km Sep 1997 Dec 2010 NASA R2014 (20 Nov 2015)
MERIS RR 1km April 2002 8 April 2012 ESA 3rd reprocessing (1st July 2011)
MODIS AQUA 1km July 2002 8 June 2014 NASA R2014.0 (June 2015)
MODIS AQUA 1km 9 June 2014 13 Dec 2017 NASA R2014.0.1 (1-Sep-2016)
MODIS AQUA 1km 14 Dec 2017 Present NASA R2018.0 (Dec-2017) new
VIIRS 1km Jan. 2012 30 Nov .2017 NASA R2014.0.2 (April 2016)
VIIRS 1km 1 Dec. 2017 Present NASA R2018.0 (Dec. 2017) new
OLCI-A RR 1km 25 April 2017 4 Aug. 2017 ESA PB2.23 (Nov. 2017) new
OLCI-A RR 1km 5 August 2017 28 Nov. 2017 ESA PB2.16 (July 2017)
OLCI-A RR 1km 29 Nov. 2017 Present ESA PB2.23 (Nov. 2017) new

Demonstration products

The OSS2015 demonstration products further increase the range of available parameters:
  • Chlorophyll concentration: new Color Index Algorithm from Hu et al. (2012)
  • New bio-chemical products: Particle Organic Carbon, Particle Size Distribution…
  • Time coverage: monthly merged products from 1997 to 2014
  • Spatial Coverage and resolution: Global products at 25 km resolution, with user-defined extraction zones