Version history

R2019 (2020-03-16, full archive reprocessed):

  • Introduction of OLCI-B
  • Introduction of VIIRS JPSS-1
  • Integration of NASA R2018 reprocessing for all NASA sensors

R2018 (2018-03-13, archive reprocessed only for 2018):

  • Update VIIRS and MODIS-Aqua uncertainties based on NASA R2018 reprocessing validation
  • Update AW, BBW and ALIN parameters to more accurate values for VIIRS GSM

R2017.2 (2017-10-19, full archive of impacted products reprocessed):

  • Fix products error variable (encoding bug)

R2017.1 (2017-10-03, full archive not reprocessed):

  • Fix LAND flag for EURO L3b products: now based on a 1km (instead of 4km) map like for L3m products
  • Fix CF parameters wrongly defined over land for some rare cases for MERIS and OLCI-A sensors


  • Introduction of OLCI-A


  • Integration of NASA R2014 reprocessing
  • New products: CHL-OC5, SPM-OC5 and KDPAR-SAULQUIN
  • Metadata changes


Major reprocessing:

  • Introduction of VIIRS
  • Availability of the whole dataset in « Plate-Carrée » projection (L3m) in addition to the sinusoidal projection (L3b)
  • New Europe products with 1 km sampling
  • Radiances replaced by reflectances, in line with current ESA and NASA Level-2 products
  • New optical and bio-chemical products
  • New NetCDF4 format with internal data compression


  • Initial version.