About GlobColour

The GlobColour Project

The GlobColour project started in 2005 as an ESA Data User Element (DUE) project to provide a continuous data set of merged L3 Ocean Colour products.

Since 2008, GlobColour has been continuously serving more than 600 users worldwide with the GlobColour data set (both archive and Near Real Time products) made available through the Hermes website. The research supporting the development of GlobColour has received additional funding from the European Union FP7 under grant agreements n° 218812 (MyOcean), n° 283367 (MyOcean-2), and from PACA Region under project RegiColour.

In 2014, a major reprocessing widely extended to a new set of products was performed thanks to financial support from the European Union Framework Program 7 under grant n°282723 (OSS2015)and FEDER grant n°8 562 - 40 567 (MCGS).

From May 2015, GlobColour also contributes to the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS).
In addition to ESA, support from NASA regarding access to L2 products and in-situ database is acknowledged.

The GlobColour primary data set is part of the core data set of the Group on Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS) under reference:

Terms of use

GlobColour data is freely available for research and educational purposes. Commercial exploitation is possible through specific agreements. Please contact us if you plan to use GlobColour for business purposes.

How to cite

When using GlobColour data in a research or education project, please include the following citation:

“GlobColour data (http://globcolour.info) used in this study has been developed, validated, and distributed by ACRI-ST, France.”

We also appreciate notifications and feedback about publications and usage of GlobColour data.


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